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Part 1: Siyabulela’s Journey To #WeRunJozi

Earlier this year, on the 21st of March, I participated in Nike’s Run Jozi 10 km Race (Race number 01942). The race saw about 10 000 runners “take back” the city of Johannesburg, starting from the Mandela bridge, through the CBD and Hilbrow.

I finished in an hour and 6 minutes. I wasn’t pleased with the result, so I vowed to better my 10 km time. This meant more running and more inspirational tunes loaded on the ipod.

I started by running every second day, pacing myself between 5km and 8 km, depending on what the body could handle. As any runner would tell you, it is very important to listen to your body. Rest if that’s what it demands.

Much to my delight, Nike launched We Run Jozi at beginning of September, as part of the “We Run” series, now if you didn’t know, Jozi is one of 34 cities around the world participating in the series and this time the number will double to 20 000 runners. The journey begins at Katherine Street in Sandton and ends at Alexandra township. A portion of the race registration fee will benefit youth athletes in that community.

Just Curious obviously noticed my enthusiasm so I was approached to run the #WeRunJoiz race on their behalf. Of course I agreed, I run for any reason nowadays. Heck, I sometimes prefer running home after visiting friends or to be dropped off at the mall so I can run home. Running is easy, writing not so much, but I accepted the challenge.

I just finished an 8 km run, in and around 40 minutes, so I’m guessing there’s some credibility there. The race is in 10 days, on the 7th of October but I have a couple of 10 km practice runs under my belt, so I should be fine endurance wise.

For the next week I’ll follow the last week on the 10 KM Programme below (stolen from the interweb) to maximise technique, then I’ll update you by the end of next week.

I will also be tweeting some of my preparations so check me out on Twitter @SiyabulelaS using the #WeRunJozi hashtag.

Those of you who are running, how are you preparing for the race?

By Siyabulela Sekeleni

To register: 


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7 comments on “Part 1: Siyabulela’s Journey To #WeRunJozi

  1. Nongqovu
    September 27, 2012

    I run almost every weekend. I do 10km races and sometimes 5km races, the worst I have done in a 10km is 47 min. All the best for the race sir.

  2. Nonny
    September 27, 2012

    I’m obese and lazy so next blog….

  3. Monei
    September 27, 2012

    eish, i have the spar women’s race the next wknd and its my first 10km ever. not exactly a runner.

  4. sk1
    September 27, 2012

    i did race yabona b4 ya 10km , and now want to enter this 1 mara its a mission to register on the web ke neng haai!!!! so dissapointed 😦

    @Monei don worry u can do it , don run jst jog at yo own pace… thats wat i normally do

  5. kamzababy
    September 27, 2012

    i cant even do 5km on my bike (exercise bike) yet so i will pass…maybe in 2020

  6. sandown55
    September 27, 2012

    I do 12-15km 3 times a week and on the weekend I do a long run (18-21km). So i am ready for this race!

  7. Milkyway
    September 28, 2012

    I wish i cud run, i run 6km 3tyms a week for 40min. also struggling with the registration..

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