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Have You Registered For NIKE’s #WeRunJozi Yet? Details Here!

On Sunday 7 October,  athletes registered for Nike’s We Run Jozi will be taking their marks in the affluent metropolis of Sandton.

From the start line in Katherine Street, a sea of runners, all wearing the black Nike race-day tees, will traverse into Grayston Drive, move over the M1 highway, then head deep into the beating heart of the Alexandra Township where runners can expect to be welcomed and cheered by the vibrant community of Alex.

Registration Fee: R150 for Adults and R70 for students.

A portion of the registration fee will be donated to the Alexandra Running Community so the race goers can run with pride on 7 October knowing that they will be making a positive difference to grassroots running in South Africa. I bet Fikile Mbalula is proud of this one.

Using the latest integrated Facebook & Google Mapping technology, running enthusiasts have collectively unveiled eight or so kilometers of the 10 kilometer We Run Jozi race route. Each registered individual has revealed a small portion of the course since entries opened on 5 September.

While the finish line is in sight, the actual locality of the final point in this epic race remains an unknown entity and will continue to mystify punters until the 20,000th entrant registers via Facebook (www.facebook.com/nikerunningza).

What’s more, each registered race goer will enable some 2,200 primary school kids to participate in a 2.5 kilometer youth race, which will be hosted on 6th October at the Altrec Running Club in Alexandra. Children participating in the run will predominantly be from Alexandra, as well as schools from neighboring areas. Each child who participates in the youth race will receive a race-day tee, cap and a medal at the finish line.

In addition to hosting a specific children’s race on 6th October, Nike and registered runners will also enable 500 youth from high schools (aged 14 to 18 years) to participate in the main race on 7th October.

Sounds interesting? Well sign up by clicking on the above banner, which will take you directly to the Nike Run Facebook Page.

Happy Running and look out for the Just Curious Representative who will also be taking part in the media part of the race. Check in tomorrow to find out how he’s preparing for the race!

07 October it is! 


4 comments on “Have You Registered For NIKE’s #WeRunJozi Yet? Details Here!

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