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Full List Of Nominees: 2012 Feather Awards

The pink Feather Awards are back for the fourth time and they are back with a bang yáll. For the first time this year, the Gauteng Department of Sports, Arts & Recreation will be sponsoring the Sports Personality of the Year category, while The Real Ghoboza (RGB)  has elected to sponsor the Drama Queen category. In yet another first, the awards will also be broadcast on SABC 1 this year, even though it will be a delayed broadcast. 

The winners will be announced on 7 November 2012 and in celebration of their 4th year, there are 4 nominees in each of the categories. The nominees are:

Drama QueenThese are personalities we read about every Sunday over breakfast, their lives revolve around a lot of dramatic behavior and situations.

  • Tshidi Tenyane
  • Bishop Keith Harrington
  • Tina Mkwaiwa
  • Sello Maake ka Ncube

Best Styled Female – These are the ladies who consistently kept up their style throughout the year.

  • Jeannie D
  • Minnie Dlamini
  • Melinda Bam
  • Lindiwe Sisulu

Best Styled Male  – The men that have remained stylish throughout the year.

  • Melusi Yeni
  • Linda Makhanya
  • Sbu Leope
  • AKA

Musician of the Year – musicians we love to listen to on,  and off stage.

  • Kabomo
  • Toya Delazy
  • The Muffinz
  • The Soil

Fag Hag  – Need we say more??  They never leave their home without their favorite accessories – a gay friend.

  • Samkelo Ndlovu
  • Lucia Mthiyane
  • Lerato Kganyago
  • Bonang Matheba

Cutest Couple  – These are couples people adore and look up to.

  • Momo & Tall Ass Mo
  • Khanyi Mbau & Tebogo Lerole
  • Sphectacula & Naves
  • DJ Fresh & Euphonik

Diva Extraordinaire – These women always carry themselves well, and have a strong & dignified presence.

  • Lindiwe Sisulu
  • Lindiwe Mazibuko
  • Khanyi Dhlomo
  • Michelle Botes 

Socialite of the Year – Seen at every event! Whether it’s the opening of an envelope or an erection of a stop sign….

  • Linda Moeketsi & Shekeshe “Shakes” Mokgosi
  • Kgomotso Christopher
  • Lerato Kganyago
  • Miza Modibedi

Sports Personality of the Year – People who have inspired in the world of sports

  • Siboniso Gaxa
  • Katlego Mphela
  • Chad le Clos
  • Cameron van der Burgh

Hot Chick of the Year  – these are women who ooze a lot of sex appeal.

  • Kgomotso Christopher
  • Gail Nkoane
  • Melinda Bam
  • Jay Anstey

Hunk of the YearThese men just ooze that X-factor!  You look at them and you just want a strong hug.

  • Lunga Shabalala
  • Greg Hammond
  • Warrick “Warras” Scott
  • Tyrone Keogh

Role Model of the Year – They never put their foot wrong in the public eye, and can be relied on to contribute positively to society.

  • Thuli Madonsela
  • Khanyi Dlhomo
  • Caster Semenya
  • Chad le Clos

Your faves?


41 comments on “Full List Of Nominees: 2012 Feather Awards

  1. goosebumps
    September 26, 2012

    how can tshidi b nominated for drama queen award.!! aowa!! thats too quick.. they dont waste time neh.. *shocked*

  2. royalprincess101
    September 26, 2012

    Drama Queen – Tshidi
    Best Styled Female – Minnie
    Best Styled Male – Sbu
    Musician of the Year – The Soil
    Fag Hag – Bonang
    Cutest Couple – Mome le TollAssMo
    Diva Extraordinaire – Cherel
    Socialite of the Year – Lerato
    Sports Personality of the Year – Chad
    Hot Chick of the Year – Jay
    Hunk of the Year – Ty
    Role Model of the Year – Khanyi

  3. MaftownChickita
    September 26, 2012

    Ao shem! Boity didn’t make it to any category?thot she was goina be on socialite/hot chick!

    • ellenextdoor
      September 27, 2012

      I thought that Eda Rose girl would make socialite of the year lol

  4. royalprincess101
    September 26, 2012

    Lol goosebumps next year the drama would have died down if the waited

  5. goosebumps
    September 26, 2012

    i hope she wins it, since she wnt b wining idols … 😀

    • Koketso
      September 26, 2012

      Agreed :=D

  6. Koketso
    September 26, 2012

    But boity deserves to be nominated somewhere 😦 As for drama queen of the year, Tshidi aka “don’t jump on me” will take it

    • Koki2
      September 26, 2012

      Yup, I think Boity should have been under socialite. She is always present at most of the events.

  7. Koki2
    September 26, 2012

    Greg hammond… Mhhh yummy 😉

  8. jujubee
    September 26, 2012

    Deathby the bishop being nominated! Can’t wait to finally see these awards on tv

  9. Ginger
    September 27, 2012

    Sonia Booth – opening of an envelope and erection of a stop sign. . .

  10. bongi
    September 27, 2012

    i always look at the categories as being shades, like you are being dissed in a way: like one day your kid asks you – Mom what was this award for and wena you answer – for being at opening of everything, a sociate my baby..well *shrugs*

  11. Keabetswe
    September 27, 2012

    Kgomotso should get socialite ,Lerato Kganyako?????? lol u can see they were just being nice “Socialite of the year” she’s always saying, she hates going out ngeke, u never see her anywhere,who are the judges? I Love her though,strong! Fag hag of the year mosdef, she eats lives and breathes those gays lol! Stylish?Minnie should take this one, we tired of the same faces!They shud have replaced Lerato with Boity, she’s everywhere.Hot chick,who are those white people? Tjo! Aka deserves stylish,sbu must relax,happy for everyone otherwise!

  12. Mathaz
    September 27, 2012

    I see the Alex Mafia is sponsoring.While people are calling for Limpopo Mafia’s heads,investigations should also be done for the so-called Alex Mafia.

    Anyway I vote for Minnie and Gail Nkoane.

  13. MashDiva
    September 27, 2012

    But Tshidi “Dont jump on me” Tenyane does deserve a nomination mos…Just 1 dramatic act…aowa!

  14. lekese
    September 27, 2012

    Minnie….love that gal.

  15. Nonny
    September 27, 2012

    Guys, but Khomotso Christopher is hot….I have never seen such a hot skinny woman and that short hairstyle of hers is just the bow wow on her.

  16. nonny
    September 27, 2012

    Kgomotso Christopher is hot for days….I have never seen such a hot skinny woman and that short hairstyle of hers, the weave she has had for two years or is it decades, well eversince she joined Isidingo?…it suits her shame!!!!

  17. ReneeRen
    September 27, 2012

    LOL @Sphe n Naves

  18. mybaby
    September 27, 2012

    Drama Queen – Tshidi
    Best Styled Female – Melinda Bam
    Best Styled Male – Melusi Yeni
    Musician of the Year – The Soil
    Fag Hag – Bonang and SAMKELO
    Cutest Couple – Mome le TollAssMo
    Diva Extraordinaire – Khanyi DLHOMO
    Socialite of the Year – Lerato
    Sports Personality of the Year – Chad
    Hot Chick of the Year – GAIL
    Hunk of the Year – TyRONE
    Role Model of the Year – Khanyi D

  19. mybaby
    September 27, 2012


  20. lekese
    September 27, 2012

    Bonang?? Faghag? *

  21. shnoozikle
    September 27, 2012

    Morning!!! Hunk of the year for me ke LUNGA SHABALALA!!! I watch Selimathunzi just to look at that chocolate dark handsome skin and face of his!!!!

  22. dejane
    September 27, 2012

    Wonder if Both Lindiwe’s will attend? Warras must win that award! Boity should have been nominated for best socialite.

    Thank my security guard Bonang wasn’t nominated in best dressed!

    Wait so we’ll be watching a broadcast of how many categories?! Will the show be longer than an hour?

  23. PussInHeels
    September 27, 2012

    Drama Queen: Tina Mkwaiwa
    Best Styled Female: Melinda Bam (Jeannie must just sit down…she’s nominated everywhere)
    Best Styled Male: AKA
    Musician of the Year: The Muffinz
    Fag Hag: Lerato Kganyago
    Cutest Couple: Khanyi Mbau and Tebogo Lerole
    Diva Extraordinaire: Khanyi Dhlomo
    Socialite of the Year: Linda Moeketsi and Shekeshe “Shakes” Mokgosi
    Sports Personality: Chad le Clos
    Hot Chick of the Year: Jay Anstey
    Hunk of the Year: Tyrone Keogh
    Role Model of the Year: Thuli Madonsela

  24. mapaseka
    September 27, 2012

    kwaaaaaa pastor harrington? who nominates these people though? well i guess sobona khona ke

  25. Vesa
    September 27, 2012

    Socialite of the Year – Seen at every event! Whether it’s the opening of an envelope or an erection of a stop sign….

    ■Linda Moeketsi & Shekeshe “Shakes” Mokgosi

    I agree with this one!

    Kgomotso Christopher is indeed the hottest skinny woman I know!

  26. Keabetswe
    September 27, 2012

    Boity should have been nominated for socialite, Minnie deserves to b there, Gail is hot, I still dont get why they wud put Lerato on socialite, u never see her anywhere except at the soccer stadium cheering for her man, love how he thank her on supersport on sat, that kind of Love! Lerato is fag hag for me. The couple’s category is confusing,fresh and MR Gate?Tshidi deserves it lol

  27. shnoozikle
    September 27, 2012

    Jay Anstey is just the epitome of HOT!!!
    I’ve been so angry gore i haven’t been seeing her on Isidingo, i would love to.. Eish.. Dont mind me and my bisexuality!!!! *Hides*

  28. lekese
    September 27, 2012

    Drama Queen: Tshidi Tenyane *I can already imagine her Jumping speech*

    Best Styled Female:Minnie *I just larv me some her*

    Best Styled Male: Phenyo *Im sorry but Sbus dress sense is strange*

    Musician of the Year: The Soil * cuuuuuuuues Inkomo*

    Fag Hag: Lerato Kganyago *no competition here*

    Cutest Couple: Euphonza n Fresh *through thick n thin they stick together*

    Diva Extraordinaire: Lindiwe Mazibuko

    Socialite of the Year: Boity *name written in white ink*

    Sports Personality: Chad le Clos *yummy*

    Hot Chick of the Year: Gail Nkoane *mam’fundisi is smoooking*

    Hunk of the Year: Who are these ppl… I know Lunga but there is no Hunkness there

    Role Model of the Year: Thuli Madonsela *im still practing that look she gives folk, I want to be feared*

  29. zin
    September 27, 2012

    Lmao Tshidi will never hear the end of ”please don’t jump on me” episode! Geez man, I am all for Bonang on the fag hag, Nthato be on her side like a hand-bag. Mrs Christopher is yum for daaays and hade Boity you deserved to be on the socialite category.

  30. Shybear
    September 27, 2012

    Hunk – Lunga
    Hot chick – Gail, kgomotso has this sgogwana face, bt her body is hot for dayzz
    Musician – THE SOILLLL!!!
    Role model – Thuli Madonsela, i love her calmness, given her portfolio!

    I neva took this awards seriously shem mara ketse o kare di a ntsha n they r getting better n better. seems.

  31. shnoozikle
    September 27, 2012

    off topic: Guys, i need help, i don’t know who to consult about this..
    So, i’m a weed smoker ne, and over the months my cravings for it have become more serious, so i smoke it almost everyday, thrice a week or more, anywoo, lately, i feel high, like my sub-conscious has switched positions with my main conscious and i’m.. high.. Its weird because i haven’t been blazing for the past couple of days.. It feels weird.. What is this though?

  32. Vesa
    September 27, 2012

    @shnoozikle….maybe you need to see a doctor wena!

  33. shnoozikle
    September 27, 2012

    Nna i’m afraid of doctors hey. I have to find another way. Maybe google can help.

  34. ellenextdoor
    September 27, 2012

    Youre just going through withdrawal Shnoo. Your body is soo used to having the drug, its starting to play tricks. If that makes sense. Wena just keep it up (if you really want to stop) and it should also die down. Eat well and drink water.

    Ive never smoked weed in my life but Ive had friends who went through the same thing.

    Hope it helps

  35. shnoozikle
    September 27, 2012

    Thanks elle.. But does that mean i have to quit??? I cant, i need it in my system, like how long should i take a break from it??

    • ellenextdoor
      September 27, 2012

      Thats all up to you babe. How long have you been smoking?

  36. shnoozikle
    September 27, 2012

    3 years. It started getting serious this year though.

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