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A “PENNY” For Your Thoughts

I firstly need to say that this is a deliberate response to Mablerh’s article about the Penny/ Mshoza article posted on JC last week. The reason for this is because a friend just sent me the YouTube link to the Penny/Mshoza interview and I watched it with proper objective insight.

I will admit that I have been one of those who sent out mini-hate mail to Penny because of that Mshoza interview, my tweet to her read; “I have followed @ThePhlyOne’s career since the “Fanta Funky Fresh” ON Metro FM, that’s 15 years! And it took me just a few minutes to lose my respect for her”.

I sent out this tweet after I read her tweets to Mablehr and Ms Lelo B after she read Mablher’s article. Her tweets really and truly did disappoint me as I had thought to expect more from a woman of Penny’s caliber.

I will honestly put myself on oath and admit that I really did not watch Penny’s interview with Mshoza on Motswako properly. Yes I was tuned in, but I was also watching something else on another channel and kept on switching in between both whilst tweeting at the same time. I saw twitter’s reactions to Penny and Mshoza’s interview and as I watched I reacted to what Twitter was projecting for me to see. So hence I jumped on the Penny is doing a bad job band-wagon. And for this I take full responsibility for my IRRESPONSIBILITY.

A friend sent me a YOU TUBE link to the Penny/Mshoza interview, and after watching it through a more sober/ objective and tactful eye. I would like to say that Miss Penny Lebyane really did not do such a bad job in her interview with Mshoza and at the risk of Mablehr sanctioning me to hell (LOL).

I honestly feel that the personal connection he made with Mshoza when he interviewed her a few weeks back clouded his judgment and let his sentimental attachments to her take over when he watched the “Motswako” interview.

As a host, Penny was good! She asked relevant questions and she asked questions that viewers, on-lookers, Sunday papers etc. would have also wanted to have asked.

Yes the demeanor that she may have asked the questions may have come across a bit judgmental. But there’s a woman in the USA who build an entire career and brand on that kind of interviewing style; named Barbara Walters and after Barbara Walter then came a lil black woman who was inspired by Barbara Walters who built a Billion-worth empire modeled on Barbara Walters, and she goes by the  name of Oprah Winfrey.

We were always on Oprah’s case about how judgmental she sometimes came across in her interviews, but it was that style of HONEST interviewing that made her relatable to audiences who helped her build a billion dollar empire.

I honestly saw that in Penny when she interviewed Mshoza. She is good! And within years I do see her ousting Noleen as the queen of South African Talk.

Penny has all that it takes to be a phenomenal talk-show-host and above everything she is fearless plus charismatic. I remember her saying in an interview about ten years ago that her dream was to have her own talk-show.

Fast-forward ten years later she has spoken her vision and is heading her own talk-show some way or another. Even though I do think that “Motswako” is not totally “PENNY” and believe that if she were to be given a “Penny Lebyane Show” with more variety and entertainment she would kick ass.

Penny is a hard- worker and a survivor. Honestly speaking, from her generation of female radio jocks, she’s the only one who’s still standing in terms of being “RELEVANT”.

I mean where’s “Phindy-G”? “Dreshni Pillay” (sp), “Bertha Charumba” etc. etc.

Penny is a survivor!

Before Unathi and Mara Louw even dreamed of being judges on M-net’s IDOLS, Penny was the first black woman to hold down that role. So much respect!

Having said all those praises and honors for Ms Lebyane whom I really do respect and admire! I just need to also speak about my disappointment in her conduct of how she responds to negative publicity. Penny sometimes acts like a little ungrateful prima-donna when something negative is written about her and the minute that happens she will throw Bible/ Verses and scriptures to seem superior (or at least that’s how I perceive it).

I have seen it with her responses to our very own Brown Shugar (Ms Lelo B).

Even before I became a part of the Just Curious team, I had observed certain scenarios where Ms Lebyane threw shade towards Lelo because she had been mentioned in a negative light on JC.

And I hope Penny reads this and gets it!!! The reason that www.justcurious.co.za is so successful and was voted one of the Top 3 blogs in South Africa is because, yes JC is Lelo’s baby and vision, but it is not ALL her.

She works with a team of writers who have their own minds and who also help her take her vision to greater heights.

And to put it metaphorically; yes Just Curious was a child born of Lelo’s womb, and as a parent Lelo does try to give that child the best guidance and supervision she can, according to her vision, but children have minds of their own and hardly ever become mimics of their parents but can sometimes also just be a reflection of their parents “guiding” hands.

So Just curious is a product conceived by Lelo Boyana, but every thought and every spoken word that comes from it is not hers and she cant always be held accountable for what her child said in public, because it is the different opinions, the different mind-sets, the braveness and audacity of some of the writers who go to places that sometimes even Lelo does not want to go to, that broaden the www.justcurious.co.za vision ‘Entertainment Beyond The Usual’.

So Penny’s little twitter rant directed towards Mablehr and Lelo over the article that was written about her interview with Mshoza was very uncalled for and childish and for that she really needs to check herself.

My best advise to Penny right now; “You should never respond to your critics”.

But having said that, she was really not that o go to, that broaden the www.justcurious.co.za vision ‘Entertainment Beyond The Usual’.

But having said that, she was really not that terribly judgmental to Mshoza as it has been painted out and she did her job as best expected, I probably would have conducted that interview the same way had I been in her stilettos. Big ups to you and I do hope that we do get the; “Penny Lebyane  Show” on TV one day.

By Zamani Khethelo

Skin Lightening Part 1 LINK

Skin Lightening Part 2 LINK


Mshoza has since been admitted to hospital for an attempted suicide. According to Sowetan, she was to be discharged from hospital this morning. We hope she’s recovering well. Story HERE


7 comments on “A “PENNY” For Your Thoughts

  1. pery
    December 15, 2011

    Gosh!! Dis site thou?

  2. sivu
    December 16, 2011

    Eish,I’m a little confused here….this article was intended to be on the contrary with Mablerh said about the interview,but all I get is Penny Praises. #Oh Well

  3. golden diva
    December 16, 2011

    LOL @ ” at the risk of Mablehr sanctioning me to hell ”
    She was being immature bout the whole thing, I still don’t think she did a good job w/ that interview.

  4. vumaaa
    December 16, 2011

    @Zamani beautiful read and great Praises to Ms Lebyane.

    But Mostwako is not her show for now,so maybe when She has a Penny Lebyane Show then she can Judge.

    Motswako is not Sunday world, so we did not really expect that from the show. If it was 3rd Degree then there was not gonna be any problem coz we know How 3rd degree rolls.

    If Penny was that angry and bitchy to Mshoza about her skin bleaching then She can go *Baby jake Matlala* to the sweet Drug mule (Nolubabalo Nobande), she can kill her i tell you.

    “My best advise to Penny right now; “You should never respond to your critics”. I fully agree with u @ZA_MANiac I think this is great advise to her coz She becomes a real COW.

    Anyways Tx Mr Khethelo

  5. Makgotso
    December 19, 2011

    Back to the grey house where is Mama kaGundi wathi sizomthola la.

    Nice one Zamani. The facial expression tsa Mme Penny

  6. Lera Minaj
    January 5, 2012

    Wonderfully written and very fair indeed! and they say nothing intelligent comes from these blogs! I agree with a whole-hearted AMEN to that Zamani, Penny was right in the interview, but cannot handle critism . Mara if Penny has a hope in hell of getting her own talk show, then she needs to learn to look the other way when it comes to critism of any kind. Again, well done Zamani!

  7. Richmond Sajini
    January 17, 2012

    I just want to say Ive watched Oprah interview murderers, child molestors etc. and never got a sense of judgementality from her. Ive never watched an O interview where her approach was not compassionate.

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